Franklin Phillips Cited in Central News Agency (Taiwan) Article

CNA News TaiwanCEO Vivianne Arnold presented at the Asia Pacific Regional Economic Services Forum this week and her comments were cited in this article in CNA (Taiwan) News. She spoke about headhunting C-level executives with experience in multiple Asia Pacific economies.

Singapore’s The Business Times publishes Vivianne Arnold’s Opinion – Time for Digital Financial Innovation

Full text of the piece set out belowVivianne Arnold Opinion The Business Times

6 March 2015 Link to online version

Vivianne Arnold

THE advent of the Internet has often been compared to invention of the printing press in the late 15th century. Like the Internet, the printing of books made information ubiquitous and readily accessible, empowering people with knowledge they used to change and expand their world.

What is often forgotten in this analogy is that the revolution triggered by the printing press was ongoing; it wasn’t over and done with inside a few years or even decades. It had a transformational impact on human history which lasted centuries.

So it is with the Internet. The message is that the revolution is not over yet. Many industries are still dealing with its far-reaching implications and will never be the same again.

Much has been written about the supposed demise of the print media, and how that has changed journalism. Convergence in media has destroyed the barrier between print and electronic media, and pitted old style newspaper publishers against public broadcasters and new arrivals like Huffington, personal blogs and even Facebook.

The financial industry may have taken longer to feel the impact of the online revolution, but that doesn’t mean it is going to escape. In fact, right now it is the turn of the established financial industry to really feel the blowtorch of change.

Vivianne’s comments in “Adapt or Perish” in Financial Services Technology Media

FST Media Financial Services Technology

“Financial technology is evolving so rapidly that no bank can afford to lose a CIO who really understands the new digital landscape, and just as importantly, is able to convince his or her colleagues in the C-suite of the importance of adapting to the new landscape.”   – Vivianne Arnold

Read the entire article at FST Media.

Vivianne interviews Bala Swaminathan for East & Partners Asia

East Exec Interview



Bala Swaminathan Vivianne Arnold

















For East & Partners Asia, Vivianne Arnold interviews

Bala Swaminathan
President and General Manager, Asia

  • Singapore will continue to be at the cutting edge
  • We are very excited about Sydney becoming an RMB hub
  • Hong Kong will need to debate whether it wants to retain its reference to the USD or move to the RMB
  • As Singapore develops a robust SME and middle market sector, having locally-based talent to support the increasing flow of trade, capital and investment is vital to our business

Vivianne quoted in The Asset Magazine

The Asset Vivianne Arnold“Sydney restaurants and merchants are already taking renminbi payments through the increasingly ubiquitous Union Card scheme, which is following the Chinese diaspora and the growing number of Chinese travellers everywhere they go,” says Arnold. “If easy renminbi trading can exist at such a grassroots level, then why can’t Sydney be a significant regional hub for the renminbi on a much bigger scale?”

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Vivianne’s op-ed published in Singapore’s The Business Times


In aspiring to be a renminbi trading hub, Australia has three advantages: major bilateral trade flows with China, a sophisticated financial system desperate to export its expertise to the world, and since 2013, the ability to directly trade Australian dollars for renminbi with a central bank’s currency swap to provide liquidity.

– Vivianne Arnold in Tuesday April 22 print edition of Singapore’s premier business newspaper, The Business Times. The full op-ed is here.

Franklin Phillips and East & Partners Asia Trade Finance Research

image001Vivianne Arnold, CEO and co-founder at Franklin Phillips, said “we have found varying confidence and ability of trade sales and distribution teams across Asia. There are pockets of strong trade sales confidence and equally impressive cross sell into other banking solutions. Unfortunately this is not consistent across the region with some key markets failing to achieve a high level of trade financing knowledge, resulting in a lack of self-assurance that leaves potential and current clients underserved and revenue not realized.