Vivianne Arnold discusses services trade with the Federation of Thai Industries

Our CEO Vivianne Arnold, in her role as President of the Australian Services Roundtable, met with representatives of the Federation of Thai Industries, including Somyod Tangmeelarp, Vice Chairman; Jumrud Sawangsamud, Director-General; and Chaovalit Leelasiwaporn, Director, Trade & Investment Promotion Department, to discuss international professional services trade. The discussion included issues facing the services sectors such as cross border data flows, the recent Free Trade Agreements, and the up and coming meeting in Cebu of the APEC Regional Conference of Services Coalitions.

Franklin Phillips Cited in Central News Agency (Taiwan) Article

CNA News TaiwanCEO Vivianne Arnold presented at the Asia Pacific Regional Economic Services Forum this week and her comments were cited in this article in CNA (Taiwan) News. She spoke about headhunting C-level executives with experience in multiple Asia Pacific economies.

CEO Vivianne Arnold presents at the APEC 2015 Public Private Dialogue on Services

The fintech revolution is going to change international trade as much as the digital revolution changed the media business and it is beginning now. Mobile phone money like M-pesa and microfinance lenders are bringing trade to the unbanked. Peer to peer lenders are disintermediating the big banks. Protocols based on blockchain technology will make the transfer of funds across borders instantaneous & cheap.

– Vivianne Arnold at the APEC Public Private Dialogue, SOM1, Philippines

Vivianne Arnold APEC 2015