Franklin Phillips in the media

Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine March 2014 Cover

“China is Australia’s largest trading partner, and it may give Australian companies a competitive advantage to be able to offer invoicing and trade finance in RMB.”
– Vivianne Arnold

Business Insider

“We need to rebrand trade finance as the sexy, dynamic, international and profitable discipline.”
– Vivianne Arnold

Asian Banking Finance

“Australia’s success as a trading nation is vitally dependent on the expertise of trade financiers and the quality of their products and services. But we’re fast running out of top talent as executives near retirement age.”
– Vivianne Arnold

Asia Pacific Banking Finance

“Vivianne Arnold, founder of executive search firm Franklin Phillips, who presented the results of an extensive study of trade finance in Australia and the Asia Pacific, commented that small businesses are desperate for trade finance and are re-mortgaging their homes and “maxing” their credit cards to fund their trade activities.”

Franklin Phillips in Banking Day

“Banks expect their trade finance business to expand by more than a quarter over the next year but will struggle to hire or train the required workforce, an industry analyst believes. Vivianne Arnold, founder of executive search firm Franklin Phillips, told an industry briefing yesterday that her research had established that many key staff in trade finance teams at banks were in their late 50s or early 60s and actively planning their retirement”

Franklin Phillips in AB+F

“Vivianne Arnold, founder of executive search firm Franklin Phillips… The bad news is there is an emerging shortage of talent in trade finance… It appears that banks stand to lose a valuable source of customer “stickiness” and intellectual property.”