Renminbi and Australian Services Exporters

Barry Eichengreen

Vivianne attends the launch of CIFR Internationalisation of the Renminbi

Download the CIFR Research Report on the Internationalisation of the Renminbi here.

Vivianne scored a selfie with celebrity economist Barry Eichengreen! Now she needs one with Nouriel Roubini to complete her collection.

Renminbi Trade Settlement

Vivianne and Elizabeth short video on Renminbi Trade Settlement

A fast paced journey through the powerful treasuries of an Australian macadamia nut company and a Chinese luxury food chain – how they came together to create an Asia Pacific trade route that will be lauded for centuries to come.

Business Insider

Bringing sexy back to Trade Finance

“We need to rebrand trade finance as the sexy, dynamic, international and profitable discipline.”
– Vivianne Arnold