Vivianne Arnold at APEC Regional Conference of Services Coalitions in Cebu (1)Over the last couple months I’ve been having great discussions with senior digital innovation talent in Australian banks and major financial services companies. Digital disruption has well and truly arrived in the financial sector. This has been a fun development for me as a headhunter and consultant in this space. Here are my thoughts on innovation talent in Australia right now.

A classic Fintech startup has three core founders – a geek, a visionary and a hustler. Big finance innovation talent reflects a similar mix of skills – IT, big picture finance strategy, and a laser focus on what the customer wants. The best innovation talent I have met have a mix of these skills but they are department and sector agnostic. They have demonstrated the ability to jump into a new, relative unknown environment and quickly deploy lessons learnt, process improvements and new thinking. Agility is more valuable than specialisation in innovation searches.

The path to Chief Innovation Officer is not a climb up an existing “Innovation” hierarchy, and I hope it never will be. The diverse talent in this space makes my work stimulating and fast paced.

Cheers, Vivianne

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